Clean it Online’s process takes all the
stress out of dry cleaning!

Step 1: Schedule your dry cleaning online

After you create an account, use our simple interface to schedule either a one-time pick up or setup a recurring pick up day.

With our recurring cleaning service, you never need to login into your account again.  Simply put your bag out on your recurring pick up day and we’ll take care of the rest!

Step 2: We pick up your clothing

We swing by and pick up your items, completely free of charge! We sort your clothing and send you a detailed invoice based on our simple pricing.  Remember taxes are always included!

Step 3: We clean your clothing

We take your garments to our state of the art cleaning facility that handles your clothing with the utmost care!

Step 4: We deliver right to your door

Within two days, and once again completely free of charge, we deliver your crisp and freshly cleaned clothing directly to your door.

Keep in mind, using our system you can conveniently track your order every step of the way!

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